Introducing 2015

An HTML Refresher

In November, I delivered the second installment of the Back to Basics series of presentations for my web development team. There is still alot that needs covered about HTML and I am putting together a follow up presentation to be released online.

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Buddy Rap: Kermit and Fozzie?

There is no better rap duo on the market today!

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Photo Credit: t-shirtguru

Introduction to Web Development

Back in September, I made a presentation to my coworkers on the basics of web development. Every now and then it can be a good idea to take a fresh look to remember what you may have forgotten in, or take a new perspective of your skills.

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Wordpress Hack Regex Search

A quick regex search for a php backdoor.

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2014 MBG Summer Festival Beer List

As there is not a posted list for the festival yet, I decided to post one from what I could find online.

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Photo Credit: Carrie Bachler